Nigel is still passionate about effluent even after working in it for over 40 years!  He excels at finding solutions and reducing it’s impact at source, and believes strongly in training companies to solve their own effluent problems.    So, after 22 years as Founder, Director and Managing Partner of MSA Environmental and McDonald Stevens Associates (MSA) he stepped down in 2010 and sold his shares to the junior management team as part of the succession planning for the company he founded in 1988.

Since 2010 he has been an independent consultant, working in the UK and abroad, having been tempted to “go back to his roots” directly offering his energy, enthusiasm and experience to selected companies within the food and drink sector in a very cost-effective manner.

His energy and enthusiasm means he has physically worked in 16 countries in well over 200 companies (actual boots on the ground and still a key selling point for MSA!) and has extensive experience of all types of effluent treatment systems, as well as practical experience on how to reduce losses at source and implement successful wastage control/resource efficiency regimes in any factory.  Ask for his CV for full details.

He is qualified, experienced and practical – so get the benefit of this “skills transfer” in your role or company!

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