I strongly believe in “skills transfer” and this has been a cornerstone of my career whilst at Express Dairy, IBL and MSA.  I’m more than happy to develop, manage and deliver technical and management training courses to improve the client’s ability to solve their own problems and increase their own effectiveness.  I’m fully trained as a coach/co-facilitator in video-feedback techniques for use in management development and training and this has greatly helped me in developing my own innovative solutions for delivering technical training over the past 25+ years.

I have planned and delivered a huge range of training/development courses over the years including:

  • 5-day residential advanced management skills development courses
  • 2-day course on industrial wastewater treatment for the UK Environment Agency
  • 1-day courses on effluent treatment, wastage control and trade effluent charges
  • being accredited by the University of Birmingham to deliver MSc level environmental training
  • 2-day course for the UK’s Environment Agency regulators and officers in the food and drink sector
  • 3-day international distributors conference

Furthermore, as I’m happy to work on a man-day rate basis, if you need a 2-day accredited training course, you will only be charged 2 days for course delivery (plus maybe a bit for course compilation, depending on what you need)…  my experience means that training course development for effluent and wastage related input is very quick and therefore very cost-effective.  This means that rather than send your staff away for training, with all the attendant travel and hotel costs, it can very cost-effectively be provided on a man-day rate basis at your premises using some of your own plant and equipment as props…  training and troubleshooting in one hit!

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