Biking Trip History

More information on the trips may follow later…..

2002: “First Foray to F..F..France” on ZZR1100

2003: Spain on K1200RS

2004: Spain on K1200RS

2005: “The Baltic Circle” on K1200RS

2006: Spain and Portugal on K1200S

2007: “Rivers of Spain” on K1200S

2008: “Long Way Up” Sweden, Finland and Norway on K1200S

2009: “Pireneos Aragoneses y Catalanes” on K1200S

2010: “Northern Portugal: The Keys” on K1200S

2011: “The Vosges: Route des Cretes” on K1200S in May

2011: France and Spain on K1200S in September

2012: “Spain is cancelled… France beckons” on K1200S in April

2013: “France looking for sunshine…” on K1200S in May

2013: “To John O’Groats wi’ rain an’ shine” on K1200S in September

2014: “To Tarifa to gaze on Africa…” on K1200S in April

2014: “NW200: Northern Ireland coastal tour…” on K1200S in sunny September!

2015: “Running in the Viffer…” Mid-Wales short trip in April on VFR800F

2015: “Route Napoleon: 200th Anniversary on the RN85, France” in September on VFR800F

2016: “Minho e Tras-os-Montes” in Easter week on VFR800F

2017: “D-Day Normandy Landing Beaches” in April on VFR800F

2018: “Valencian Sunshine” in November on VFR800F

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